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Also see "The Movie Kittens".

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Cleopatra in the living room eyeing the blinking light on the WebCam.

Sassy bugging me for a treat with Lady watching.


Lady ("My Fair Lady") is on my lap and Annie is on the desk.


Annie ("Annie Hall") is feeling photogenic.


Annie is after a toy while Lady watches from the desktop


Cleopatra ("Queen of Denial," a.k.a. "Queen of the Nile") is in a box lid while Annie lean against door jam.


Cleopatra is ready to be demanding of my attention with Apollo is in the background.


Cleopatra laying next to box lid with Apollo is in the background.


Lady is in my lap with Annie in the background.


Queen ("The African Queen," named after the movie about the boat) not wanting to have her picture taken.


Here I am glancing at the manual when got stumped about installing my new CD-RW drive. I still haven't solved it.


Sassy is rolling around on a small piece of carrot that I dropped from my fork.


Sassy is wanting a treat with Apollo in the background.


Here's Apollo appearing to be dead.


Oops! He is alive.


Lady is at the door with Cleopatra trying to figure out how she can get passed her without getting swatted at.


Here is a poor dead hawk that I picked up in a neighbor's yard on the way back from walking Apollo. Apparently, it had been hit by a car. Wow, man! Like my cats totally freaked out at the sight and smell of it. (That was my "Valley Girl" imitation.) The cats did not get to play with the hawk, though.


Me walking over a "rolling roadblock," that is, he seems to find the best spot to block my route and then lays down no matter where I go in the house.

Also see "The Movie Kittens".

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