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Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet


Surnames: McClendon (McLendon), Graves, Hathorne, Lott, Knight, Britt, Cooper, Pounds, Keller

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aids.gif"Jimmy", James Edward (McCLENDON) Holliday
Sept. 15, 1958 - March 8, 1996

Son of John Eugene McClendon (of Bogalusa, LA, now residing in Las Vegas, NV) and Nannie Francis Doss (of Richmond, VA, now residing in Bogalusa, LA). I will miss you dearly. Love, your sister, Pat.

Table of Contents

McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet

with Web Pages
on the JOB
Legal Problems
Genealogy files and books
E-mail addresses


McCLENDON or related

See my posting on my personal page about my families' genealogies!

McCLENDONs and McLENDONs with Web Pages

photo - Brian Brian McClendon - bam's Home Page

1964 - Born In San Francisco


photo - Carolyn Carolyn McClendon - Carmac's Homepage (broken link?)

Carolyn's husband is Scott McClendon and her father-in-law is Charlie McClendon - former LSU Tiger's Football Coach for 18 years.
E-mail: Also see: McCLENDONs/McLENDONs on the job - Technical (below).


photo - ErnestErnest C. McClendon (Photo added on 6-12-97)

Educator, Musician, Genealogy. Ernest is just getting started with his web page and has a pretty complete genealogy of his family through the McClendon line in Chambers County, Alabama and the ante-bellum trail through Georgia, South and North Carolina. E-mail: Carrollton, Georgia 30117


John D. McClendon Jr.'s Home Page

Education: Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX , Master of Business Administration, May 1996; Emphasis: Management Information Systems and George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Dec. 1993. John D. McClendon Jr.'s Resume. E-mail: 


photo - KateKate McClendon's Home Page - School of Engineering and Applied Science - Washington University - St. Louis, Missouri


Pat's personal data Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work Home Page. Click on my photo to go to my personal data page.


I, Patricia Darlene McClendon, was born in New Orleans, LA on August 7, 1950. I am the daughter of John Eugene McCLENDON and Geraldine HATHORNE (McClendon) Miranda, both of Bogalusa, LA. E-mail: My cousin once removed is also interested in genealogy: Donna McCLENDON McGuyer, 717 Mulberry Street, Purvis MS 39475, 1-601-794-8281, e-mail:

Sergeant First Class, SFC Stephen McClendonSFC, "Steve", Stephen McClendon and his wife Jacey live in Stillwater, Oklahoma. See his e-mails by clicking here.

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Associate Professor of Family and Child Sciences - a Florida State University Retiree.


Dr. Ron McClendon - Professor Biological and Agricultural Engineering at 

The University of Georgia. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Mississippi State University

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photoDoug McClendon (the link is to Chuck Gathard, the photographer of this photo, only)

Portraiture - Doug McClendon, President - San Jose (California) National Bank.


In 1933 Glenn McClendon, Sr. began with one truck and a great deal of pride. Post Office Box 641, LaFayette, Alabama 36862-0641 · (800) 633-7710 · FAX (334) 864-7022


Scott McClendon

Chief Executive - Corporate Partnership: Overland Data, Inc. , 

8975 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, California 92123-1599

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photo - BillBill McClendon

Director of Audio Operations.


photo - Carolyn Carolyn McClendon (broken link?)

MidNet Staff: "Carolyn McClendon is a graduate student in the College of Library and Information Science. She has been a graduate assistant with the MidNet project since January, 1995. She is primarily responsible for managing and updating the MidNet web server. Carolyn received her undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University in 1981 and has worked in newspaper libraries for 13 years." Also see McCLENDONs/McLENDONs on the Web (above). E-mail:

Chip McClendon - Pharmacist

University of North Texas Student Health Center


Microbiologist, Originally from Minden, Louisiana. The Faces of Science African Americans in the Sciences.


Senior Television Producer, Office: 106 Public Information Building, Phone: 405-744-7049, Fax: 405-744-5739. E-mail:


Ronald McClendon Professor/Faculty Fellow

at the University of Georgia. Class of 1968 - Aerospace Engineer E-mail:


President: Tom McClendon (Georgia) -The Southeastern Palm & Exotic Plant Society, c/o Tom McClendon, 1581 Fuller Road, Greensboro, Georgia 30642 USA; 

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Psychology/Social Sciences

at The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ Institutes web page. McClendon & Associates, Terry McClendon, Certified Trainer of NLP™, P. O. Box 1 St. Lucia (University), Queensland 4067, AUSTRALIA, Phone: 61-70-581-988, Fax: 61-70-581-992.

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Public Service

Georgia Municipal Association: Georgia City Officials by Name

(404) 765-1000  McClendon, John - Police Chief - East Point
(706) 628-5321  McClendon, Kelly - Mayor - Hamilton        
(706) 251-3428  McClendon, Murphy - City Auditor - Moreland
(912) 887-3323  McLendon, Adolph - Mayor - Richland

Melody McClendon Northside Independent School District.


Former Councilperson - City of San Antonio Council District 2


Tony is a Contract Cost/Price Analyst at the United States Army Training Support Center (ATSC), Ft. Eustis, Virginia.

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Writers and Reporters

John G. McClendon

Puritan John G. McClendon - "Jurisprudence: Progress and Inconsistency", Antithesis - Volume 1, Number 1, Covenant Community Church of Orange County 1990.


Joseph McClendon III (and Anthony Robbins)

Author of "Unlimited Power: A Black Choice".


photo - LiseLise McClendon

Montana-based writer Lise McClendon.


Sarah McClendon - White House Correspondence 1-13-2003
Her parents were the Louisiana-born entrepreneur, "S. S.," Sidney Smith McClendon (1865 - 1959) and "Annie," Anna Rebecca Bonner (1867 - 1932), who were married on June 27, 1889 in Smith Co., Texas.

A veteran Washington journalist, Ms. Sarah Newcomb McClendon (born 1910 in Tyler, Texas - Jan. 8, 2002) was the youngest of her parent's nine children. Ms. McClendon owned and operated the McClendon News Service and was a White House correspondent.

Sarah Newcomb McClendon married John Thomas O'Brien, who abandoned her before the birth of her only daughter. John Thomas O'Brien who was killed in WWII.

Sarah Newcomb McClendon was 92 years old when she died at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Washington, DC of pneumonia. She also suffered from congestive heart failure.

She was survived by her daughter, Sally MacDonald.

Thomas V. McClendon, Ph. D., dissertation - "Genders and Generations Apart: Labor Tenants, Law, Domestic Struggle in Natal, South Africa, 1918-1944".


Hastings College of the Law - Fall 1994, Public Law Research Institute Report: "Limits on the Federal Power to Regulate Firearms" and Limits on the Power of States to Regulate Firearms.


60 Years of McClendon's Work Compiled: The Black Scholar Press announces the publication of "Straight Ahead: Essays on the Struggle of Blacks in America 1934-1994," a hard-hitting collection of essays.

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McCLENDONs and McLENDONs - Historical


Search for McCLENDON, McLENDON, etc. Also see "About the TGN" for explanations of abbreviations, etc.

Chief Justice James Wooten McClendon (Texas) - "Served on the Court of Civil Appeals in 1923. Served on the Supreme Court from 1923-1949. James Wooten McClendon was born in West Point, Georgia and died in Austin, Texas. His father was James McClendon and his mother was Annie Elizabeth Thompson." See his

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McCLENDONs and McLENDONs - Hobbies

Day Trips - Doris McClendon "runs the Continental Zydeco Ballroom one of hundreds of neighborhood hangouts in Houston with live music, cold beer, and a dance floor.

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McCLENDONs and McLENDONs - Sports

Charlie McClendon (1923 - Dec. 2001) He was a native of Lewisville, Arkansas. Former LSU Football Coach.

AFCA Mourns the Passing of Charlie McClendon

Ex-LSU coach Charlie McClendon dies - Won more football games than any other Tiger coach


photo - LloydThe Lloyd McClendon Memorial Fantasy League Homepage and # 23 - Lloyd McClendon - Hitting Coach

Afi Davis-McClendon Sophomore Sensation: Afi Davis-McClendon Stars in Play

photo - DustinDustin McClendon Huntsville (Alabama) Amateur Hockey Association Travel League. Team photo, only.

photo - KasiaKasia McClendon #33 Kasia McClendon, 5-5 Junior, Guard, Gary, IN

photo - Kasia making a basket!Kasia McClendon 1995 DE Basketball Guide: Women's Backcourt

Sheldon McClendon - Goalkeeper #1

Stratford Academy Soccer Program - Macon, Georgia

Travis McClendon (#11)

Catcher for the Peoria Chiefs, a Class A Midwest League affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals.

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McCLENDONs and McLENDONs - Misc.

E! Online Fact Sheet for Ernestine McClendon in the movie: Homer and Eddie (1989)


In Culver Academy News.


Human Resources Consulting Organization member


Mark A. McClendon

Born Los Angeles, California, August 9, 1962; admitted to bar, 1989. E-mail:

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McCLENDONs/McLENDONs - Legal Problems


Marvin McClendon

"Mississippi Activists Threatened"


Marvin McClendon

Marvin McClendon will be tried for the October 1994 murders of two gay men.

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McCLENDONs and McLENDONs genealogy files and books

This is a book about McLENDONs and McCLENDONs and is available through: GoldenWest Marketing, 10528 Lower Azusa Road, Suite 162, El Monte, California 91731-1296, 818-309-0764 or 800-445-8925, FAX: 818-309-1610, E-mail: This web page provides some interesting introduction material to ancient McCLENDONs and McLENDONs. It comes in both a printed and an electronic version.

William Mcclendon (note: small second "c") mcclend2.txt

was born about 1783. He married Lucy Mcgowan 14 Nov 1805 in Wayne Co., KY. Listing 103 descendants for 9 generations. McCLENDON to McLENDON spelling occurred. This file was sent to me by Paul Baker, 30 N 4th St, Evansville, WI 53536 E-mail: (Paul A. Baker)


Danny McClendon sent me this file (mcclendo.ged) in Dec. 1995 along with this message:

"My name is Danny McClendon and I live in San Jose, Ca. My mother (Ruthie McBrayer) and father (Emmitt McClendon) were born near Dallas Texas. My grandparents came from Alabama and their parents were originally from South Carolina." E-mail:

Dennis McClendon & Elizabeth GEDCOM file: mc.ged (16364 bytes)

This GEDCOM file was sent in by Joe Cole, PO Box 190,Mineral Springs, NC 28108, e-mail: (msmith). Joe will be updating this file, soon. Joe's family line starts with Joel McClendon b: 1832, son of Joel McClendon c1797-c1875. Also see Joe's March '97 e-mail to this website (Subj: SC McClendons)


GENDEX -- WWW Genealogical Index - Click on "Access the index", then "Go to the surname index" and finally, click on the "M" to go to the M index, then use your Netscape or Internet Explorer browser to search/find (in the "Edit" menu) McCLENDON, LOTT, etc.

Thomas Keitly McCLENDON

Mrs. Jean McCLENDON Gibson sent me page 8 of her family's genealogy a while back. I have now converted the diagram into a .GIF image. Click here to see it. She is the daughter of Thomas Keitly McCLENDON (1872 - 1960) and Alice Margaret Deweese (1885 - 1945). Her family moved from the Kentucky - Tennessee border (living in Adairville, Franklin, and Orlinda) to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1912. They later moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA.

Also see a Family Tree Maker file that I researched and compiled for Mrs. Gibson: Gibson-McCLENDON.FTW or see this descendent chart: John Keeton McClendon.txt. Since this is not my family all information should be carefully checked for accuracy.

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McCLENDONs and McLENDONs: E-mail addresses

Please do contact these people about our families' genealogies as they are definitely interested in being contacted. I have provided convenient e-mail links in those cases.

Actively searching for McCLENDONs and McLENDONs

Also see the e-mail sent to this web site


Contact: Kenneth E. Blazek, kblazek@INLAND.COM,
(219) 663-0706, 3409 West Lakeshore Dr., Crown Point, IN 46307
McCLENDONs 1840 1848 NC, USA

Contact: Nancy Harwood,,
6230 Pinole Forest Drive, Houston, TX 77088
McCLENDONs 1850 1900 Hardeman Co., TN>TX, USA

Scott T Jones,, (6-28-96: NOTE: New e-mail address.) of Austin, TX, USA maintains the MAXEY family web page. (6-28-96: NOTE: New website address.) He is also interested in McCLENDONs and McLENDONs: as he is personally descended from Elizabeth McClendon (1790-1875), who married Pouncey Maxey. She was the daughter of Isaac McClendon and Mary Fincher. Additionally, he is interested in these families: MAXEYs and HILLs.

Alan McClendon, (A. McClendon), as well as his father,, and his brother,, in Virginia are interested in McCLENDONs. Note: Alan Mcclendon, and are no longer a valid e-mail address for him.

Gregory Paul McClendon, (Gregory McClendon) lives in San Marcos, Texas and is interested in being contact about his family genealogy. He can trace his family back to Carizo Springs, Texas where his father, Paul Jay McClendon was born. His grandfather, Mabson Dumont McClendon was born in Gatesville, Texas. His great-grandfather, John McClendon settled in Carizo Springs before the turn of the century.

Mike Mcclendon MCCLEND@HP.COM

Mike Mcclendon

Sarah C. McClendon

Raymond McClendon (also see his web page under "Hobbies", above: Chris McClendon's Ravenguard Space Marines...)

McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on America Online who have expressed an interest in genealogy. For latest list of members go to the America Online - Members Search Engine and search its database.



McClendon (Note: This is me.), SkipSue, Mcclendont, ScotshLass, MCBRAYER.


Mc LENDONs ...

Burly Al, Stimpy 735, ScotshLass, BE Nupe - but prefer mail at this address:, Emclen, JMclen5687.

Go To Four11 White Page Directory to get full addresses for McCLENDONs and McLENDONs and to register your e-mail address and/or your web page address with their Four11 White Page Directory; or to search for other SURNAMES.

This is what my Four11 listing looks like as of March 24, 1996:


Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

Louisville, Kentucky, United States Of America


Current E-Mail Addresses


Old E-Mail Addresses

Group Connections
Services: Health: Clinical Social Worker, MSSW, CSW (dissociative disorders)
Services: Writing/Editing: See my home page for articles that I've written.
Interests/Hobbies/Sports: Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs at website listed above.

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McCLENDON or related

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McClendon or related

The McClendon Family Web Page (David and Suzanne G. McClendon) This page is for information regarding the McClendon family which came to settle in and around Edgefield South Carolina. The family traces its roots back to historical Scotland and Ireland.

John Barron's Web site: Barron, McClendon

Thurmond Genealogy And Related Families DeLaughter, Floyd, McClendon and New

The Gathering of the Clans - devoted to all things Scottish.

Clan MacLennan See Clan MacLennan Discussion Area (messages are posted there), Clan MacLennan Society, MacLennan tartan, and more.

The Gathering of the Clans (Scottish) Genealogy web page and Clan Finder Database

Mary Ann McClendon

Hylit Irish Names for Children

All Irish Clans And Names

Yahoo! : Society and Culture : Cultures and Groups : Cultures : Irish : Clan Names


Newsgroup: soc.culture.scottish

Yahoo! : Society and Culture : Cultures and Groups : Cultures : Scottish : Clans : Clan Names


GENDEX -- WWW Genealogical Index - Click on "Access the index", then "Go to the surname index" and finally, click on the "M" to go to the M index, then use your Netscape or Internet Explorer browser to search/find (in the "Edit" menu) McCLENDON, LOTT, etc.

GENEALOGY RESOURCES ON THE INTERNET Includes general mailing lists, or mailing lists by surname or by state; newsgroups; FTP sites; Register Resource, etc.

McLENDON-McCLENDON. The McLENDON-McCLENDON mailing list is for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the McLendon/McClendon surname and variations in any place and at any time. To subscribe send "subscribe" to (mail mode) or (digest mode).

McClendon Family Genealogy Forum at GenForum

McCLENDONs/McLENDONs Researchers

History of Randolph Co., AL Wiley McClendon and James Hathorne, Hugh Hathorne

At The Family Tree Maker web site. The easiest way to find things is to use their search engine and type in McClendon, McCLENDON, etc., then use your browser search function (Edit to Find) and type in McClendon, McCLENDON, etc. They seem to provide some pretty good services at this web site.


mccs plus search results

The Sean Padraic Kane Genealogy Site ( See: several generations

McClendon/Wms;Clark/McGhee; Bridges/Carr Family Home Page (FMcclen394@AOL.COM)

The David E. and Suzanne G. McClendon Family Home Page (

The James H. Kyle Family ( See: Descendants of John Pankey. Generation 36

Southern Connections See: several generations: 90

The Fannie McClendon Family Home Page (

There are over 250 listings!


McLGenie:Jacob McLendon (Janet Bryan McLendon -

Also, at The Family Tree Maker web site check out: Find Your Living Relatives Online: Phone numbers, e-mail, and street addresses. Note that the telephone listings only capitalize the first letter of each word.  Here's the results of searching McClendon in Bogalusa, Louisiana.

Bascom Mcclendon
Phone : 504-732-2653
111 Sabine St 12
Bogalusa LA 70427-3146

Dee Mcclendon
Phone : 504-732-2427
932 Avenue F
Bogalusa LA 70427

Gregory W Mcclendon
Phone : 504-732-2427
932 Avenue F
Bogalusa LA 70427-4333

Juanita Mcclendon
Phone : 504-735-8667
722 Bankston Dr
Bogalusa LA 70427

Leroy Mcclendon (my half-brother)
Phone : 504-732-9366
603 Caswell Ave
Bogalusa LA 70427

Polly E Mcclendon
Phone : 504-732-4864
846 Avenue D
Bogalusa LA 70427-4306

Terry Mcclendon
Phone : 504-730-4241
1629 Avenue H
Bogalusa LA 70427-4950

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General ­ (Fee: $59.95 per year) "Guests" have limited access.
Family Tree Maker Download their Family Archive Viewer (demo version of program). Also check out: Genealogy "How-To" Guide and Find Your Living Relatives Online: Phone numbers, e-mail, and street addresses. Note that the telephone listings only capitalize the first letter of each word. 
The Genealogist's Index to the World Wide Web - you can download "The AOL Consolidated Master File" (over half a million names) or "The AOL GEDCOM Libraries Index" (over 2,000 GEDCOM files)
Jack's House A lot of useful links. Coffee/y Researchers check here.
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Brother's Keeper - Send email to John Steed at
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general mailing lists

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